Initial Consult (60- 90 minutes): $100 + TAX
At the Initial Consult we will review and discuss your completed assessment forms and a plan will be presented. This is where we educate, set goals, and you leave feeling confident and excited in these new changes!
Dietary, Supplementation, Lifestyle and Recipes will be included.

Follow up:
Only to be booked after initial consult.
: $60 + TAX
30 mins: $45 + TAX

** Please keep in mind that there is added time on my end for each appointment. Anywhere between 30-60 minutes may be put in after you leave our appointment in putting together your plan, recipes, research, back and fourth answering questions via email, etc. This time has already been included into your consult fees.

Nutrition Package #1:

10% savings

Initial consult (60- 90 minutes)
+ 3 hours of follow ups; Can be used in office or grocery shop tour

Expires in 1 year

Nutrition Package #2:
10% savings

Initial consult (60- 90 minutes)
+6 hours of follow ups; Can be used in office, grocery shop tour, or in home cooking

Expires in 1.5 years

Kitchen Clean Out: (2 Hours) 
Ever feel like you just don't know where to start? In the Kitchen Clean Out we dissect your fridge and pantry together! I teach you how to read labels and discover which items are not benefiting your health and not allowing you to feel and look your best, both inside and out. Together we will create a grocery list to fill your kitchen with "must-haves".
*Email me at for pricing on Kitchen Clean Out

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the scheduled meeting are subject to a cancellation fee of $30 + TAX.

Credit Card, Cash, E-transfer or Cheque paid at first session.