I've made huge efforts the past 2 years to reduce my waste, particularly with food and plastic.

Here's a few tips for you 🌱:

Start by using reusable grocery bags (I'm sure we all have one or two lying around). Next is to leave those plastic produce bags behind. There's no reason to put two or even four oranges in a plastic bag only to throw it out once you get home. I now use @credobags from @loganandfinley 🌎
Stop buying things in single use plastic! Guacamole, salsas, pre made salads, soups, hummus, etc can all me made without the use of extra plastic! Homemade is also much cheeper and you can tailor the recipe exactly to you're liking
No more ziplock bags! 🙅🏼‍♀️A few years ago at Christmas I gifted my sister and I a few @stasherbag . Since then, no ziplocks have been used! I store half avocados, supplements, chopped veggies, travel essentials, frozen fruits, and dog treats in these reusable bags
Don't let food go to waste!! I took a feremented foods workshop with @thequirkycarrot a few years ago which was incredible! When I have beets, radishes, cabage, carrots, and beans going bad, I ferment them! It's also benificial for a healthy gut 💪🏼
• Now whatever I can't ferment (or feed to my pups) I throw into my newest addition: @thefoodcycler 🤩 This small busy powerful machine turns my table scraps, fruit peels, coffee grinds, egg shells, meat trimmings, and more into a nutrient-rich soil amendment in just hours. I've been setting aside this beautiful "foodilizer" for my garden which will help it grow strong this year!

Use code KYLIE30 to save $30 off your very own Food Cycler 💚

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food cycler

food cycler

Stasher bags

Stasher bags